Bachelors Level Courses   [Masters Level]   [Doctoral Level]   [Continuing Education]

Degree Course ID 2017 Course Name 2017 Course Description
BCS 100 BCS 101 The Commissioner Concept An overview of Commissioner Service and the single most important resource – The Commissioner Fieldbook for Unit Service
BCS 100 BCS 102 Supporting Timely Charter Renewal Learn how to guide units and chartered partner organizations through the renewal process, including membership inventory and use of the online charter renewal tool.
BCS 100 BCS 103 The Commissioner and the District Learn typical structure and functions of the District, the relationship of District professional staff and volunteers, and how to use the resources of the District to better support the units you serve.
BCS 100 BCS 104 Contacting Units Insights on effective unit contacts, what to look for, and how to be a help.   How to track your contacts with Commissioner Tools.
BCS 100 BCS 105 Practical Solutions to Common Unit Needs A Commissioner’s primary purpose is to help units succeed, develop a better program, and operate effectively.  Frequently Commissioners are called upon to assist units with concerns that could hinder the unit’s success.  Participants in this course will become familiar with how to respond to these concerns using Commissioner resources and early warning signals.
BCS 100 BCS 106 Commissioner’s Priorities Steps to handling unit problems, and using the Journey to Excellence.  How to focus on your main job and not be side tracked by other demands on your time.
BCS 100 BCS 107 Unit Journey to Excellence Learn about the elements of the Unit Journey to Excellence and what it takes to ensure success in every unit
BCS 100 BCS 110 Commissioner Style A commissioner’s style, how they provide service, is as important as what they do in the service process.
BCS 100 BCS 112 What Would You Do? A group participation/discussion session on 10 fascinating situations that commissioners might encounter.
BCS 100 BCS 113 Essentials of Serving Scouts w. Disabilities Reviews specific commissioner actions to provide adequate care for new units.
BCS 100 BCS 114 Volunteer-Professional Relationships Both commissioners and professionals share responsibility for building good working relationships in Scouting.  No matter what your job or task in the council, skill in working effectively with your professional is important.  This course looks at a few general qualities and practical tips for building a good relationship.
BCS 100 BCS 115 The Commissioner & Diversity The United States of America is a unique microcosm of the world’s people.  Its makeup is unlike any other country in the world.  This has been one of the key elements of our power and success as a nation.  In the past, this country was called “the great melting pot”.  Customs and cultures from many lands were expected to blend together like ingredients in a cream soup.  But was this really accurate?  Today, we have a better understanding.  We’re starting to realize that the United States is more like a beautiful tapestry with the variety of threads with different colors and textures woven together to make this work of art.
BCS 100 BCS 116 Collaborative Assessments This course focuses on how to conduct an Action Planning Meeting with a unit using the Unit Self-Assessment Tools and the guidelines for the Action Planning process.
BCS 100 BCS 119 Webelos to Scout Transition Participants of this course will become familiar with the timetable of events that should occur and the responsibilities of the participants (Packs, Troops, District and Commissioners). The timetable is year-round and focuses on facilitating a good decision by the Webelos Scout in how and where he will continue his Scouting experience.
BCS 100 BCS 121 Introduction to Venturing Commissioner Service Many Commissioners do not understand Venturing and how it fits into the overall BSA program.   This course is a brief overview of the structure and methods of Venturing.
BCS 100 BCS 128 Venturing Monthly Program Forum Examine the basic elements of the Venturing program forum, who attends, and what constitutes a successful forum.  The “AIM” of the Venturing forum is to provide training, information, and motivation to Venturing adult leaders and crew officers. Learn how here.
BCS 100 BCS 130 Commissioners & Advancement Describes why and what a Commissioner should know about advancement.  A Commissioner should be prepared to assist a unit with basic questions about Advancement and know the District and Council Advancement Chairs and how to contact them when necessary.
BCS 200 BCS 202 OA within the BSA High Adventure Bases This course describes opportunities for arrowmen to use the national bases
BCS 200 BCS 203 LDS Commissioner Orientation For commissioners working with LDS units, this orientation will teach you how to effectively help their Scouting programs succeed.
BCS 200 BCS 209 Summer Camp Commissioners This course describes the task of the Summer Camp Commissioner and focuses on the things that they can do to help a unit and its youth make the most of their summer camp experience.
BCS 200 BCS 250 STEM at Roundtable How to implement, modify and incorporate hands-on STEM activities at Roundtable.
BCS 200 BCS 251 Breaking the Ice at Roundtable Jump start Roundtable with engaging activities to integrate and connect attendees.

Masters Level Courses   [Bachelors Level]   [Doctoral Level]   [Continuing Education]

Degree Course ID 2017 Course Name 2017 Course Description
MCS 300 MCS 301 Commitment To On-Time Charter Renewal Explore why units lapse or drop and how to prevent it, and why this is so important.
MCS 300 MCS 303 Commissioner Lifesaving I This session sets the stage for saving a unit and reviews the basic unit life-saving steps.  Getting to know your units will help you identify when, and how to address issues they face in keeping the units strong and successful.
MCS 300 MCS 304 Commissioner Lifesaving II This is an in-depth continuation of MCS 303, dealing with the seven unit “hurry cases.”  Your ability to recognize these issues, and prioritize them will assist you and the unit to continue on successfully.
MCS 300 MCS 306 Counseling Skills The best way to strengthen a unit is to strengthen its leadership. Counseling is an effective method in helping unit leaders develop their potential. Even the leader who has completed formal training and has years of experience can benefit from counseling. Where the
need for an answer or a solution is not immediate, counseling is preferred over teaching. Effective counseling is one of the most important skills for a commissioner to have.
MCS 300 MCS 308 Venturing and the Commissioner Venturing is one of the basic programs of the Boy Scouts of America.  Because as a commissioner you are a key advocate, your commitment to Venturing is essential.  Your commitment to good unit service for Venturing crews is vital.
MCS 300 MCS 309 Good Commissioners Need Both Head & Heart The objective of this session is to help commissioners with at least one of two years of experience to reflect on some of the important qualities of good commissioner service (the “head”).  The session also provides a variety of inspirational anecdotes for them to share with unit adults as well as other commissioners (the “heart”).
MCS 300 MCS 312 Recruiting New Commissioners Quality programs flourish and membership grows in a Scouting district only when there is a complete team of quality commissioners.  This avoids overloading the same few volunteers who rarely say no, but who may find it easier to drop out of Scouting than to complain, “That’s enough! I can’t do any more!
MCS 300 MCS 313 Orienting and Training Commissioners This session covers all aspects of commissioner training, including new commissioner orientation, basic training and continuing education.   A variety of classroom techniques are also reviewed.    The class is for administrative commissioners (ADCs, DCs, ACCs, and CCs).
MCS 300 MCS 315 Effective Unit Service in Urban Communities This session refers to those urban communities where poverty is a prevailing influence, and where community considerations require refinement and flexibility for volunteer-lead packs, troops, crews, and posts to be successful.
MCS 300 MCS 317 How to Remove a Volunteer As a commissioner, you should be prepared to help guide volunteers with how to remove a volunteer.  Note:  This session will focus on the ineffective volunteer, the person who just isn’t working out.   It does not address removing a person for cause or grounds for legal action such as theft, misrepresentation, or committing an immoral act.
MCS 300 MCS 318 Top 10 Ways to Assure Good Commissioner Service Today everyone has their top 10 list, including commissioners.  This session is designed to help experienced commissioners review their priorities and – for some of us – to get back to the basics.  This session summarizes key factors in good commissioner service.
MCS 300 MCS 321 New Unit Service The commissioner plays a vital role not only in the creation of new units, but in their continued growth and success.  This session looks at the special needs of starting units and how to provide for adequate care.
MCS 300 MCS 322 Advanced Scouting with Disabilities Virtually every unit will experience having a youth who has Special Needs (disabilities). This course will provide Commissioners with knowledge to share with unit leaders so they can provide a program which provides these youth with the Scouting opportunities to succeed.
MCS 400 MCS 401 Scouting KISMIF Programs What makes troop programs work: Keep it Simple, Make it Fun!
MCS 400 MCS 402 Is Your Pack Program Better than an Oreo Cookie? When the cubs tell you that the best part of your den meeting program was the Oreo cookie at the end, you know it’s time to change. This course tells how one pack rebuilt their program and administration to beat the dreaded Oreo test!
MCS 400 MCS 403 Life for Life, or Eagle? Most Scoutmasters and advancement chairs encounter challenging or borderline Eagle application. This discussion seminar will present cases and best practices in managing these difficult Eagle cases.
MCS 400 MCS 409 Keeping your Older Youth Engaged and Involved Participants in this class will discuss the reasons why older scouts leave scouting, especially those who “Eagle out”.  The presenters will share a number of resources available to scouts and scout leaders that engage older scouts including:  the Order of the Arrow, Venturing, High Adventure activities and award programs, the High Adventure bases and national and international activities, such as the upcoming Jamborees.
MCS 400 MCS 410 New Commissioner Recognition Program Updated: You will learn about the newly implemented requirements for the existing Commissioner recognitions/awards including: Commissioning, Commissioner Arrowhead Honor, Commissioner’s Key, Commissioner Award of Excellence in Unit Service and the Distinguished Commissioner Service Award. You will also learn about the new Commissioner Certificate of Commendation.
MCS 400 MCS 499 Council Leadership Huddle This is an opportunity for all of the council’s participants in commissioner college to enjoy a time of reflection and recognition with their council commissioner.

Doctoral Level Courses   [Bachelors Level]   [Masters Level]   [Continuing Education]

Degree Course ID 2017 Course Name 2017 Course Description
DCS 500 DCS 501 Selecting a Thesis / Project Topic This workshop/discussion-based seminar will introduce participants to the process of planning and completing a successful D.C.S. thesis.
DCS 500 DCS 502 Limiting the Scope of the Topic This workshop/discussion-based seminar will introduce participants to the process of planning and completing a successful D.C.S. thesis.
DCS 500 DCS 503 Developing the Thesis or Project This discussion forum will give participants an opportunity to work with peers to define and develop their D.C.S. thesis plans.
DCS 500 DCS 504 Thesis/Project Workshop This discussion forum will give participants an opportunity to work with peers to define and develop their D.C.S. thesis plans.
DCS 500 DCS 514 The Commissioner and the Professional This presentation will describe a model of the professional/volunteer synergy in scouting, starting with concepts of district operations.  Case studies and discussion will be integrated.
DCS 600 DCS 620 Camp Commissioning This three-hour seminar will describe the role of the commissioner service in summer resident camp administration and operation.

Continuing Education Courses   [Bachelors Level]   [Masters Level]   [Doctoral Level]

Degree Course ID 2017 Course Name 2017 Course Description
CED 700 CED 710 LDS Scouting This is an overview of the materials provided for discussion on Scouting in the LDS Church.
CED 700 CED 712 Sea Scouting Overview of Sea Scouting materials including: terms, organization, training, advancement, High Adventure opportunities  and what a commissioner can
CED 700 CED 714 Special Needs Scouting – ADHD This presentation will review the modern pedagogy for working with young people who are affected by ADHD, with particular emphasis on the scouting program. Participation in CED 714 is NOT contingent on continuation to the CED 814 laboratory.
CED 800 CED 811 Venturing Beyond the Crew Venturing is a unique program that offer the young adult to exercise their leadership and take it to the next level. Through Venturing Officers Association (VOA), the youth can become a youth volunteer in different levels, Council, Area, Region or National.
CED 800 CED 814 Special Needs Scouting – ADHA – Laboratory This one-hour workshop will engage participants in the practice of skills taught in CED 714 for the management of children and young adults with ADHD. Pre-requisite:  CED 714, current or prior year.
CED 800 CED 816 Venturing Program Updates This session provides the most up to date Venturing program information. It is essential commissioners maintain current on all programs to better serve their units.
CED 800 CED 817 Venturing Advancements and Awards This session help commissioners to have a better understanding of how Venturers and Advisors can work on their advancements and awards in Venturing Program.
CED 800 CED 820 Ethics in Action – How It Works An important goal of commissioners is to insure units are helping young adults be responsible and caring persons, both now and in the future.  Ethical Controversies help leader make responsible choices that reflect their concern for what is a risk and how it will affect others involved.   Because an ethical controversy is a problem-solving situation, commissioners expect leaders to employ empathy, invention, and selection when they think through their position and work toward a solution
CED 800 CED 821 Engaging Alumni Scouting alumni want a new and different relationship with the BSA.   Typically, they want to help out and they want to be social.  This session gives ideas on how to reengage the alumni and help them meet those needs while filling the needs of Scouting.
CED 800 CED 822 13 Ways to Improve a Unit’s Relationship with the Chartered Organization The relationship between the Chartered Organization and the Unit is extremely important.  This session includes ways to get those lines of communication open and the unit Key 3 engaged.
CED 800 CED 823 The Unit Committee – Fact or Fiction This session covers the “who really runs the unit” issue that plagues many.   Unit leader, committee, parents, scouts?   Where they all fit in and how a fully engaged committee can develop a team spirit resulting in a healthy unit.
CED 800 CED 824 Service is our Legacy Doing service projects together is one way that scouts keep their promise “to help other people”.   It is the duty of every unit to point the scouts in the right direction and to help them grow.   This session includes engaging units in Journey to Excellence service ideas and processes.
CED 800 CED 825 Three Stories about STEM Scouting This course discusses ways to integrated federally-funded research projects with unit scouting programs.
CED 800 CED 831 NYLT/Wood Badge An introduction to advanced training for adults and senior scouts
CED 800 CED 832 Introduction to Philmont High Adventure Camp This course will provide an introduction to Philmont, discussing the history of Philmont, planning a trek and training courses available through the Philmont Training Center. We’ll also touch on the available individual programs and ‘off-season’ programs at Philmont.
CED 800 CED 833 KISS – Keep It Simple Scout, Make It Fun Time Management – Make your time as a commissioner count for better Scouting and ways to guide your units through a strong program that is simple but maintain that element of fun.
CED 800 CED 834 Exploring Learn about the fun, real-world, hands-on career experiences of the Exploring program.  This co-ed program prepares youth for a future career by building leadership, self-confidence, and problem-solving skills.  Unique career experiences, networking & internships along with community service to other, group collaboration and teamwork.
CED 800 CED 835 Scout Books – Lab This session is an opportunity to see Scout Books in action and get a better understanding of the impact this brings to your units.   Member management, advancement, calendaring, communications, and more all wrapped up in one program.
CED 800 CED 837 STEM/Nova Learn about the STEM initiative the BSA has taken on to encourage the natural curiosity of youth members and their sense of wonder about these fields through existing programs.   To support this initiative, the BSA developed the Nova Awards program so that youth members have fun and receive recognition for their efforts.
CED 800 CED 838 History of the Order of the Arrow (Presented by
Lodge Members)
The Order of the Arrow has enjoyed a long history of service.  Since 1915, the OA emphasize servant-leadership nationwide.   Learn about this history and the service the OA can provide to your units.   Everything from “Where to Go Camping” to “Webelos to Scout” transitions…and more.
CED 800 CED 898 LA’s Child Welfare System: What Scouters Should Know Sarah Gongora, a 5-year veteran of LA County’s child welfare system will share insights from her work in the juvenile justice and foster systems that all scouters should be aware of.
CED 800 CED 899 Meet the Man Discuss the future of scouting in this open forum with our special guest.
BCS 101—199 National courses 201-299 Southern California Commissioner College Specific Courses
MCS 301—399 National courses 401-499 Southern California Commissioner College Specific Courses
DCS 501—599 National courses 601-699 Southern California Commissioner College Specific Courses
CED 701—799 National courses 801-89 Southern California Commissioner College Specific Courses

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